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Hi Renato,

Since Ian will be away for a few days, some answers based on what I

Le vendredi 01 juillet 2011 à 21:36 +1000, a écrit :
> 1 - Are we able to edit our homepage? That is, add links to the LHS column for example?

I think right now editing the home page is limited to adding blog posts,
although I think we intend to provide additional wordpress widgets; I
don't think we'll get to a point of full editability, and there will be
some constraints to keep consistency across groups, but I think there
will be opportunities for more flexibility.

In particular, if you have specific ideas of what you would want to get
added/linked from the home page, it would be useful to share them as
start points.

> 2 - Can we set the size/length of the Post on the home page? I just added two, which are really long!

Are you saying that you would rather see only excerpts rather than full

> 3 - How do you specify who the Chair(s) are?

I know we can do it manually, and I know that there is an item in our
todo list to make this doable by the group itself; but that's really all
I know.

> 4 - Is there any Access Control -or can any member have read/write on the posts, reports etc?

At this time, from what I understand, all the group participants have
the same rights; that's again something that we might reconsider based
on experience (although for sake of simplicity we hope we can keep it
that way).

> 5 - Will the chair(s) get notifications of members being added/removed?

Once chairs are identified as such, yes.


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