Re: [ACTION-59]: Add x-origin communication to testharness.js

On 10/8/12 1:19 AM, "Tobie Langel" <> wrote:

>On 10/6/12 10:29 PM, "Tobie Langel" <> wrote:
>>Note that these changes uncovered a WebKit issue which causes security
>>messages to be printed to the console when an attempt is made to reach
>>properties of x-origin windows, which the original result transport does.
>>I'm investigating this at the moment.
>Solved the WebKit issue. This turned out to be an epic battle which
>notably involved downloading the WebKit source code to figure out what was
>going on. Landed a fix which mitigates the issue where possible (WebKit
>browsers running a recent enough version of trunk) and falls back to
>standard behavior elsewhere. Awaiting feedback from John Graham. Will keep
>you posted.

Now merged[1] and available on[2].



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