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Inconsistency between explanation for SC 2.4.4 and SC 3.2.4

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Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 17:49:46 +0000
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Name: Sailesh Panchang
Email: spanchang02@yahoo.com
Affiliation: Deque Systems
Document: UW
Item Number: Understanding Success Criterion 2.4.4
Part of Item: Intent
Comment Type: technical
Summary of Issue: Inconsistency between explanation for SC 2.4.4 and SC 3.2.4
Comment (Including rationale for any proposed change):
In trying to determine if links with same href but different link-text violate WCAG2 I came across this statements:
As per SC 2.4.4(A):
"Links with the same destination should have the same descriptions (per 
Success Criterion 3.2.4), ..."
However, SC 3.2.4 clarifies that not having identical text does not create a failure. So someone reading the above statement in the explanation for SC 2.4.4 will certainly conclude otherwise.
Extracts from SC 3.2.4 explanation:
While it is desirable and best practice always to be consistent within a single web page, 3.2.4 only addresses consistency within a set of web pages where something is repeated on more than one page in the set.
Note 1: Text alternatives that are "consistent" are not always "identical." 
  And from an example:
To meet the Success Criterion, the link text for these two links need only be consistent, not identical. But best practice is to have identical text so that when users encounter the
second one, it is clear that it goes to the same place as the first.


Proposed Change:
Suggested fix to the sentence under SC 2.4.4:
While it is a best practice for links with the same destination to have the same descriptions (per Success Criterion 3.2.4), ..."
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