Comments about WCAG 2.0

Affiliation: Web Officer, Oxford University, UK

Item number: Whole document

Comment type: Editorial

Comment: The success criteria have rather lengthy titles because the 
titles and the descriptions of them are one and the same thing. It would 
be helpful for web development project meetings to have short-form names 
for all the success criteria (and perhaps for the Guidelines as well - but 
it is less relevant for the principles as there are only four of them).

Example 1: 'Make all functionality operable in a keyboard'

Example 2: 'For each time-out, one of the following is true: user can 
deactivate it/ default can be changed by a factor of 10x/ a simple action 
can extend the time-out at least 10x on a sliding scale and the user is 
given a 20 second warning/ no alternative to the time-out is possible/ it 
is an activity where timing is essential.'

Proposed Change: 

Example 1: 'Keyboard operable'

Example 2: 'Time-outs and user options'

Item number: 1.3.1
Comment type: Editorial

Comment: Problem of language: 'Information and relationships conveyed 
through presentation can be programmatically determined, and notification 
of changes to these...' To these what?

Proposed change: Clarification needed.

Item number: 3.1.6 
Comment type: Editorial

Comment: What is the overlap here to UAAG? 

Proposed change: What does the website developer have to do here, and what 
does the UA developer have to do?

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