WCAG 2.0 Comment Submission

Name: Greg Gay
Email: g.gay@utoronto.ca
Affiliation: ATRC UofT
Document: W2
Item Number: Success Criterion 4.2.1
Part of Item: 
Comment Type: ED
Comment (Including rationale for any proposed change):
Guideline 4.2.1

This guideline does not read like a guideline (same with 4.2.3),  is not immediately clear what it means without reviewing the HowTo, and can be interpreted in different ways (i.e. ...may [also] be, or ...may [instead] be...). I interpret it first as meaning I can include a link from the accessible version to the innaccessible version.  In fact it should be the opposite that is true (and I\'m sure based on the howto that is what was intended), including a link from the innaccessible version to the accessible one. 

Proposed Change:
Ideally there should be reciprocol links between the two versions.

Received on Thursday, 11 May 2006 20:24:50 UTC