RE: template for WCAG comments misses whole sections of the document


I don't understand your comment.  Can you explain more?  Or send me a note
offline if you wish. 

One of the pulldown menu items on the comment form is  
"Technology assumptions and the 'baseline' " 
And another 
"Conformance claims and the Baseline"
Under conformance section.  

What would you like to see?  

As to your instructions...  that is fine for PF participants but I don't
think most commenters would be able to do those.  So our expectations are
lower than that for "where".    Just get us close.  We can search for a
phrase if people quote one. 

Thanks much. 


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Subject: template for WCAG comments misses whole sections of the document

WCAG Chairs/Team please note. There would appear to be a serious problem
with the pre-fab comment forms.

The prose of WCAG 2.0 says especially comment on the conformance approach
and the comment forms prepared give one no way to comment on those sections.

Here are some interim instructions that I have set out for draft comments to
be considered by PF with regard to the Last Call of WCAG 2.0.

Maybe you want to add the ability to use a table-of-contents-URI in column
3, or let commentors fill in columns 1.2.3 *or* 4,5 where 4 is the
table-of-contents-URI and 5 is the "where it says" quote text.

You, of course, can do what you wish with the forms and commenting
instructions, but I wanted you to be aware of what seems to be a problem
with them.



For any comment you want to make, provide at least one hook in the document
set in XHTML 2.0 quote format as you have seem me do

.... blah blah blah copied from document under review or supporting draft

As the value of @cite please provide the

*last* (in textual order)
*table of contents* URI
which takes you to a point at or before where the quote is found.

Let's limit this to URIs actually used in the table of contents.  I know,
there are more named anchors in there but they need consistent data because
this is a massive sorting problem.

If your quote comes before the first item that shows up in the table of
contents use the document URI (without a #fragment) that takes you to the

Lifting the URI (@href value) from a link in the table of contents is a
context-menu operation in the three browsers I checked.



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