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WCAG 2.0 Comment Submission

From: WCAG 2.0 Comment Form <nobody@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 02:47:09 +0000 (GMT)
To: public-comments-wcag20@w3.org
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Name: Shawn Henry
Email: shawn@w3.org
Affiliation: W3C WAI
Document: W2
Item Number: (none selected)
Part of Item: 
Comment Type: general comment
Comment (Including rationale for any proposed change):
Consider dropping the top numbering level. Going from three numbering levels (1.1.1.) down to two (1.1.) would make the guidelines feel less complex and less “daunting” (quote from usability testing participant :).

Add the Principles in the supporting documents, as they do provide nice framing and grouping for the guidelines.

Proposed Change:
* Leave the Principles as they are in /TR/WCAG20. Remove the first numbering from all guidelines and success criteria, e.g.:

- Guideline 1 Provide text alternatives for all non-text content

- Success Criteria 1.1 For all non-text content, one of the following is true

* Add the Principles into “Understanding”

* Consider including the Principles in the Quick Ref and Checklist.
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