COGA Agenda review May 20th

Hi all
The Monday meeting will be focused on reviewing existing github issues that
are non-editorial - that is, they tend to be related to requests for future
research directions, links that are found to go to incorrect sections,
wording and clarification suggestions and so on.  These are a mix of issues
raised outside of COGA and members of COGA.
If possible, could folks also let the group know if they're likely to be
available at next week's meeting given that Monday May 27th is US Memorial

This review was started in a previous meeting (in March) but only one issue
was completed in that meeting (#68 <> A
request to broaden references to Math to include STEAM topics).  It was
agreed  in that meeting to include this in a future issues document).

The issues (9 remaining) and some suggested resolutions are available in a
google form to follow along but will be shared in the meeting.
Link to Google Form
If you can't make the meeting but would like to give input, feel free to
fill out the form instead.
There will be another few meetings like this to clean up the backlog of
issues in the coming months.


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