Reminder: Internationalization Subgroup Meeting - Thursday, May 9, 2024

Hi Everyone,

You will be receiving several emails from me over the next few minutes
because I am taking a page from the book of "Julie Rawe's Effective Project
Management Skills" and will be sending out calendar invites for all
Internationalization Subgroup Meetings for the summer.

With that said, the purpose of this email is to remind you about this
Thursday's Internationalization Subgroup meeting on May 9, 2024 at the
following time:

11:00 a.m. Eastern Time
4:00 p.m. UK Time
6:00 p.m. Israel Time
9:30 p.m. India Time

Here are the agenda items we will discuss:

   - Review the status of the Internationalization Accessibility Community
   Group <>, current short
   name, "global-inclusion"
   - Review progress on the COGA pattern review
   - Review the Community Group Description
   - Discuss how the subgroup would like to leverage the community group.
   For example:
      - Request their review of proposed patterns
      - Get support with research on culture, localization issues,
      linguistic issues, etc.

Please let me know if you want any additional item on the agenda.

*Teleconference information*: Call info for COGA

*IRC*: #coga

   - An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel will be available during the
   call. (The server is and the port number is 6665)
   - IRC is like our chat room. You can join us on IRC by following this
   - The channel is #coga
   - You can write any name as a nickname
   - Helpful Scribing and Participation Tips

Many thanks,

*Jan McSorley*
*Accessibility Consultant*
*512-731-7957 (mobile)* <>

*We put a man on the moon in the 1960's. Surely we can make information
technology fully accessible to people with disabilities. It can be done. It
must be done. It will be done!*

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