COGA’s feedback on Collaboration Tools Accessibility User Requirements

Hi everyone,

Over the last few months, I have been communicating COGA’s feedback on Collaboration Tools Accessibility User Requirements (CTAUR) to the Research Questions Task Force (RQTF) who created the document.

Although RQTF welcomed all feedback, and there has been a lot of discussion, they pushed back on quite a few issues due to them being out of scope. This is typically where:

COGA’s feedback doesn’t pertain specifically to collaborative tools, but rather to software in general.
RQTF felt a particular issue was already covered in CTAUR.
RQTF felt a particular issue was about a very specific environment and not generalizable enough.
An issue was explained from the perspective of a person with cognitive disabilities, but the document doesn’t explain it from the perspective of any other user group, so it would seem odd to mention them specifically.

Due to the number of issues rejected, it was felt that a meeting between COGA and RQTF would be useful, as this would allow members of COGA who feel strongly about a particular issue to make their case.

Unfortunately, because of how COGA gathered feedback in a Google Doc, some of the comments have become disconnected from the person who created them. So, it’s difficult to know who might want to attend a meeting. We know John, Jennie, and Lisa gave some of the feedback, but there will be others.

I've created a document which attempts to summarize COGA’s feedback on CTAUR to RQTF as well as RQTF’s response, to allow COGA members to decide on whether they would like to join the COGA-RQTF meeting. The first few issues have ‘additional response from COGA’ as we managed to discuss these issues.

Please have a look through the document, particularly at the issues that RQTF have rejected, and if you see something that you feel needs further discussion, let us know.

  *   COGA’s feedback on Collaboration Tools Accessibility User Requirements:

  *   For reference, COGA’s original feedback on CTAUR can be found here:
  *   The latest version of CTAUR (which may have changed slightly since COGA provided feedback) can be found here:

Any questions, let me know!

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