Card sort results


In AG today we reviewed the initial card sort results. You can review the slides<> or document version<>.

Key takeaways:

  *   Of the different ways that people categorized outcomes, the two primary ways that emerged were by:
     *    Type of content, and
     *   What to provide
Using categorization tools, we created 2 possible lists of high level categories and have presented those lists in the table below. This table compares the possible groupings and the two ways people categorized content.
The next step is likely a closed card sort to better evaluate these options.

Option 1 (Type of Content)

Option 2 (What to Provide)

(Prevent Harm & Deception)

Prevent Harm & Deception


Provide usable controls

Consistent Interaction /
Navigation & Orientation

Help user orient

Processes and data-entry

Support Processes and Task Completion

Clear Language / Wording and Terminology

Provide Clear Language/Content

Visual and Auditory Alternatives

Provide alternative formats

Structure & Meaning

Organize and structure content

Design, Layout, & Hierarchy

[Included in Structure & Organization]

Input Agnostic

Support Input

Color, Typography & Contrast

Distinguish content through contrast & clear typography

Adaptability & Customization

Support adaptability & customization

Provide help & documentation

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