Need to rejoin the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AG)

Hi Folks

I think the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AG) has recharted. They
sent us this information on what we have to do to rejoin. SO we should try
and do it now.


The Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AG) expects to be moving to our
new charter on or slightly after October 31st. When this occurs, the new
group will have no participants.  This is true for our task forces as well
since they are subsets of the working group.  If you are in the COGA task
force through APA and not otherwise involved in AG, then please disregard
this email.
While no immediate action needed, please be aware that you will be
receiving an email around October 31st calling for participation in the new
group.  We will be reminding participants about this again at meetings and
on email over the next week.

If you are part of a member organization
, after you receive the automated email:

   - Reach out to the Advisory Committee (AC) representative for your
   - Your organization's AC representative needs to approve and submit you
   as a representative to the new group.
   - *Note:* This can occasionally take time (particularly when an
   organization has a new AC representative), so we suggest starting the
   conversation with your AC representative sooner rather than later.

If you are an Invited Expert (IE)
 , after you receive the automated email saying you’ve left the group:

   - Reapply under Participation to join the Accessibility Guidelines
   Working Group
   - *Note**:* The W3C has issued new guidance on invited experts
   requires the chairs to review and reconsider all IE's as part of moving to
   a new charter.

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Lisa Seeman-Horwitz

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Received on Monday, 6 November 2023 17:12:48 UTC