Meeting tomorrow coga and the APAs research task force. Can we build a better process to included coga

Hi folks

We have a meeting tomorrow   with RTQF-  APAs research task force.
We asked for this meeting to see if we can help them improve thier process,
so that coga user needs get picked up earlier. This will help their
specifications to include coga ongoing.

They have attached theor current process so ww can take a look at it before
the meeting.

Please let me know if you can attend. It is an important meeting.

RQTF Meeting Agenda for 25 January 2023

Meeting Logistics

   - Meeting time: Wednesday 25 January 2023 at 9:00am Boston time (1400
   - Conversion to your local time zone can be performed on this page
   - Joining instructions, including the Zoom link and IRC channel, are on
   this non-public page <>.


This is a joint meeting convened to facilitate coordination of research
processes among W3C/WAI groups. RQTF is pleased to welcome members of AGWG
and of the COTA Task Force to this joint call.

Please confirm today that you are able to access the Zoom coordinates using
your W3C login credentials. If you are unable, please advise soonest.

agenda+ Meeting overview.

agenda+ Introductions from meeting participants.

agenda+ Outline of Research Questions Task Force research process.

agenda+ Opportunities for refinement, coordination and formal documentation
of research methods.

agenda+ Expanding the conversation (who else should be involved?), and next

A draft outline of a typical Research Questions Task Force (RQTF) research
process is attached to the agenda.
Minutes of Previous RQTF Meeting

Please see the minutes at

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