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We typically close the surveys for AG right before the AG meeting because it was causing confusion to have answers being added while we reviewed the answers.  Unfortunately the surveys do not allow us to close them any time but midnight and I forgot to add the note about the closing time to that survey. I sincerely apologize for the confusion.

I am glad you emailed us your responses. We often to do not look at surveys after the meeting – I will incorporate your feedback into the work before the next survey which will open today or tomorrow. I will send the link to this list.

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Hi, Lisa, I just tried to submit my responses to the assertions survey and got a message saying the survey closed yesterday? I thought we confirmed during yesterday's COGA meeting that we had until tonight to submit our responses???

On Mon, Jan 9, 2023 at 12:11 PM Lisa Seeman <<>> wrote:
Hi Folks

The minutes from today's call are up at

Note the archive of minutes are at /coga/minutes<>

Thank you EA for scribing and everyone for a great meeting!



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