Re: COGA presence at ICCHP

Hello COGA Task Force and Community Group,

As we get closer to ICCHP, I wanted to send a quick email to find out from

   - Who is planning to attend in person?
   - Who would like to try to attend the face to face and/or our project
   meetings virtually?
   - If you are attending in person, when (approximately) are you arriving
   and when are you leaving?

I'd like to use this information to help plan our face to face on Tuesday,
July 12, and to see if we can plan any other times together during the

I've moved everyone to bcc so that your replies go to just me. This way, we
won't overwhelm everyone's email inbox. :)

Thank you,


On Tue, May 17, 2022 at 10:05 AM Rain Michaels <> wrote:

> Hello COGA Task Force and Community Group,
> The Cognitive Accessibility Task Force will have a presence at the
> upcoming ICCHP-AAATE Joint International Conference on
> <>
> Digital Inclusion, Assistive Technology & Accessibility
> <> in *Lecco, Italy, from July 11-15*.
> We will be holding two events at the conference, both on Friday, July
> 15th. One is a project meeting on the Mental Health Research Module, and
> the other is an educational session on Making Content Usable. The full
> conference program is available at
> Additionally, we are working with the organizers to arrange a room for
> Tuesday, July 12, that will enable us to have a face to face meeting with
> each other at the conference. *We will accommodate virtual attendance for
> this face to face, as well. *We hope to have this room confirmed by this
> Thursday.
> If you will be attending the conference in person, please let me, David
> Fazio, and Lisa Seeman (cc'd on this email) know.
> *If you need financial assistance to attend*, please reach out to Lisa
> (cc'd), for guidance on joining the Cost Action Network, which has agreed
> to provide some support for Cognitive Accessibility participants.
> Warmly,
> Rain
> [image: Google logo written with braille dots and ASL hands]
> Rain Breaw Michaels
> Interaction Designer, Central Accessibility

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