Css scroll

Hi Folks

I took and action to review CSS scroll  at

Having scroll this or removing the sroll bar on scrollable object will make
it unusable for many people

Also having low contrast color will also reduce accessibility.

Controls should be clearly associated with the section they control. This
is not possible when you can not see them.

relevant parts of content usable for reference:

4.3.1 Make it Easy to Find the Most Important Tasks and Features of the
4.3.4 Make it easy to find the most important actions and information on
the page

4.2.6 of content useable is important

The relationship between controls and affected content should be completely
clear and unambiguous.

This can be achieved through:

   - visually grouping controls with the content they relate to,
   - including controls within the region they affect,
   - using clear dividers or white space between regions in a page that may
   have separate controls or a scroll bar,
   - avoiding multiple or nested scrolling areas.

Received on Thursday, 20 January 2022 13:52:05 UTC