Clear Language Examples: Please start adding to this google doc

Hi, folks, please start adding to the Clear Language Examples google doc
It includes:

   - Why the Silver TF asked COGA to focus on writing examples now
   - What kinds of examples Silver is looking for, including edge cases
   - 11 examples sections for the 11 Silver Clear Language methods that we
   have proposed to the Silver TF
      - Each of those 11 sections includes:
         - The Content Usable pattern[s] that the Silver Clear Language
         method comes from
         - The example[s] from Content Usable for that method/pattern, but
         we need to add more examples!

The Clear Language subgroup will focus on adding examples, but we welcome
any COGA member who has time and energy to contribute to this doc, thanks!


Julie Rawe

Special Projects Editor, Editorial Content, Understood


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Received on Tuesday, 11 January 2022 18:48:03 UTC