Very Quick Turnaround - Videos to Review

Per the discussion today, the videos are now available but need to be reviewed tonight. Please see details below.

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Date: Thursday, December 1, 2022 at 2:36 PM
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Hi Everyone,

Kartoffel have provided the 18 videos for our review.

As per Brent's email we would like to have comments preferably by 7:00am Eastern Time (12:00 UTC). This will allow for discussion at Friday morning's EOWG meeting.

These are provided on a service called<> that allows comments to be left at specific timestamps in the video. Please feel free to leave comments using this service. This will make it easier for Kartoffel to review them.

If you have more general comments or comments that you feel need more of a discussion, please leave them in the videos Github repository using the Feedback on video issue template<>.

The introduction and closing plates are not included in this draft as they are still being worked on. You may also notice empty black squares. These are place holders for digital props that still need to be created and added in.

Couple of specific things. I have raised and linked Github issues to capture specific feedback on these items:

  *   There are two different styles used for the collage at the beginning: one with a black border around each individual video, one without. (Github issue: Collage black border or not?<>)
  *   There are also two different styles for the transition on the end collage of people: one where the current speaker video moves back and slots into place (for example the video on Speech), the other where the whole collage moves back and the individual speaker is already in place (for example, Dhruv). (Github issue: Last speaker ease into group or ease whole group<>)



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From: Brent Bakken
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Subject: EOWG Video Project - review tomorrow (1 December)

Hello WAICC Group,

EOWG is very close to wrapping up our latest video project that we have discussed over the last few months. I just wanted to provide advance notice of quick review and feedback opportunity on the videos that will happen in the next two days. Here are the basic details:

  *   Videos will be available Thursday afternoon (Eastern Time) on 1 December
  *   Kevin White will reply to this email and provide the link(s) to videos and repository for feedback
  *   Comments will be due by Friday, 2 December (preferably by 7:00am Eastern Time so they can be discussed in Friday morning EOWG meeting)
  *   Comments should be kept to pointing out any glaring issues that are problematic. Most filming is complete and no time for re-filming, so most changes will have to be minimal or just cutting small sections.

We apologize for fast turn-around, but as noted previously, we are on a very tight timeline with the production company.

Thank you for your interest and support.
Brent (EOWG)

Brent A. Bakken
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Psychometrics & Testing Services
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Chair: Education & Outreach Working Group, W3C

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