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Subject: Please support the EU Study on cognitive accessibility
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I hope you would be so kind to spread this survey on cognitive
accessibility to any relevant networks and communities.

Thanks in advance,


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EU Study on cognitive accessibility – have your say

On behalf of the European Commission, we are investigating cognitive web
accessibility; that is, how persons with cognitive disabilities use the web
and the digital accessibility challenges they may face. Based on this,
we’ll make concrete proposals for improving inclusive access to online
content and services.

As part of the research, we are collecting views and experiences from
stakeholders in different sectors.

Can you help us by answering to the below survey?

The survey takes about 10 minutes to carry out.

Survey on cognitive accessibility

The survey is anonymous, and your insights and experience will be of great
value to the study. Based on the findings, we will develop recommendations
to the European Commission for further actions in the field. Please, feel
free to share it with your colleagues and networks.

We are also happy to announce that the interim report is now available on
the study website

The report presents the first results from the literature review and gives
an insight into the state of research when it comes to cognitive
accessibility. If you have comments or thoughts after reading the report,
do reach out, but please note that it is an interim report, the final
report will be published early next year.

Thank you in advance for your time and engagement. If you have any
questions regarding the survey or the study please contact the study team
at cognition@funka.com


*Sara Kjellstrand, Research Strategist*
+46 8 555 770 69

[image: Sara Kjellstrand. Photo.]

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