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I can live with option 1.

I prefer option 2.  We are presuming (an educated and well-founded presumption) how our use of pronouns will be received throughout the world.  Option 2 gives us and the world an opportunity to experience a partial implementation on efforts to be gender neutral, and we can monitor feedback and comments to help inform our future options and choices.

Given that this is a document produced by COGA, my third preference is to defer to the judgement of the members of COGA, as this is their document.


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Subject: [External] : Content Usable pronouns and Tal


Thank you for the thoughtful discussion at today's meeting about the plural pronoun used in Tal. A resource you can read if this is a new area for you is<;!!GqivPVa7Brio!O-_Em3oxBgak1XO5G4OYDoQXc2bs9__PepX5AcJaJznCmUgrhp_-0DIsLHdCz9XXtg$>

We discussed the following options:

  1.  no change
  2.  add it in 1 or 2 places in the main persona
  3.  Tal like to be referred to (pronouns) as Tal/they/them/theirs
  4.  change the persona to remove gender diversity
  5.  use the pronouns as frequently as would be used naturally
COGA had voted against 5 because of readability and translatability challenges and compromised with using the minimal pronouns in option 1.  I have created a google document with all of the options at<*__;Iw!!GqivPVa7Brio!O-_Em3oxBgak1XO5G4OYDoQXc2bs9__PepX5AcJaJznCmUgrhp_-0DIsLHfr4AWw9g$>

Please take a look and weigh in with your thoughts on how to proceed.

Best regards,

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