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Hello all,

Weighing in with my opinion. I assume we are balancing the research (2-3
topics per round), coordination with other groups (2 monthly discussion,
others bi-mnothly), and 1 other activity at a time. I also assume that some
of the smaller activities, such as videos with EO will occur naturally and
at the time they are needed, due to the coordination activities.

*First Step*

   - Research Option 1 from Priorities,_schedules_and_Work
    Updating and Review Research Modules, reaching out to groups for
   updates, and starting mental health work
   - Start coordination with EO, APA*, AG/Silver*, ACT,If ff and
   Internationalization (* indicates my preference for monthly discussion)
   - Web version of Content Usable

*Second Step*

   - Research Option 2: Complete and publish existing issue papers
   - Continue coordination with groups
   - Testable Statements

*Third Step*

   - Research Option 3 New issue papers (In order of my priority after
   Mental health):
      1. Internationalization (Different languages; Indigenous, african and
      other cultures; other?)
      2. AI
      3. Comorbidity
   - Continue coordination with groups
   - New Personas

*Fourth Step*

   - Continue coordination with groups
   - Republish content usable



On Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 10:13 AM Lisa Seeman <> wrote:

> Hi Folks
> It seems that a some of the items overlap, or should be done together.
> To help with that I made a new section in the wiki that lamps them into
> groups. See  Priorities,_schedules_and_Work
> <,_schedules_and_Work>
> My latest thought is to finish what we already have in the way of issue
> papers and then publish something for that. We could aim to publish this in
> six months!
> We can then work on the research module with mental health and more
> community involvement. It might take over a year to work on the
> research module, but it may be longer.)  Others people could work on new
> issue papers and it fits neatly into the published  format, and then we
> could republish them as well.
> Once the research module is (updated and published?) we can republish
> content useable with all this new information, and other "bits" such as
> better objectives. (In two- three years? )
> We will also need , at the same time better involvement with other
> groups....
> All the best
> Lisa

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