Re: final review for content usable 1.0

Hi Rain
I can put in the changes on sunday.

We tried to make the bullet points consistent, but we can do a final check.

we had a few links to  the 1500 most common words for different contexts. ,
however I would rather add a link to our developer resource page, and add
it there. Is that ok? Then we can add for different languages as we find

All the best

On Wed, 10 Mar 2021, 19:33 Rain Michaels, <> wrote:

> Hello, I'm adding a few more corrections in pull requests. Meanwhile, here
> are a couple more overall comments that stand out for us to potentially
> address in the future:
> User Story: Adapt is not the only place where both "easy to understand
> language" (without hyphens) and "easy-to-understand language" (with
> hyphens) are used. These two ways of writing this appear to be used
> interchangeably throughout the document. Is this intentional?
> Design Guide is not the only section where both terms, "cognitive and
> learning disabilities" and "cognitive and learning impairments" are used.
> These two terms appear to be used interchangeably throughout the document.
> Is this intentional?
> I've seen this comment before in a thread, but wanted to note that it
> stood out in the document: list item punctuation is inconsistent
> throughout. In some places, each list item ends with a period even if it is
> not a complete sentence. Some areas end each item with a common, until the
> second to last one which ends with "and". Other places have no punctuation
> even if each list item contains a full or nearly full sentence.
> Under What To Do:
> There is a recommendation to "look at the 1500 most common words," but
> this feels unhelpful without a link or resource included (I found this, but
> it is English-specific:
> I'm more than happy to do the work of finding and correcting these items
> in the code, but would need to know from the group if (1) these are
> intentional, and (2) which style we would like to use.
> Thank you,
> Rain
> On Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 5:43 PM Rain Michaels <> wrote:
>> I am so impressed with all of the work that has been done.
>> In the spirit of editing:
>> I've created several pull requests on the consistency_checks branch with
>> minor corrections that seemed obvious and objective.
>> I'm not done going through, but wanted to make sure to send what I have
>> as soon as possible. I'll try to get through the rest of the
>> document tomorrow.
>> Here are a couple of comments for items that are more subjective:
>> *3.1.2 User Story: Clear Operation*
>> As an individual with dyslexia, the opening paragraph confused me: *"As
>> a user with a memory impairment, a learning disability, or a communication
>> disability who uses symbols, or executive function impairment, I find it
>> hard to learn new interface design patterns. I need to know which controls
>> are available and how to use them so that the site is usable for me."*
>> I was able to follow the first three user examples, but the forth one
>> ("or executive function impairment") felt like it was tacked on and didn't
>> fit into the list. I spent more time than I should have re-thinking the
>> sentence.
>> Suggestions to fix:
>> Suggestion 1:  put them in a list
>> *As a user with*
>>    - *a memory impairment*
>>    - *a learning disability*
>>    - *a communication disability who uses symbols*
>>    - *an executive function impairment*
>> Suggestion 2: tweak the "or" and "a" usage in the sentence
>> *As a user with a memory impairment, a learning disability, a
>> communication disability who uses symbols, or an executive function
>> impairment,...*
>> *3.8.1 User Story: Adapt*
>> I noticed that sometimes the document uses "easy to understand" as three
>> separate words, and sometimes we use "easy-to-understand" with hyphens.
>> Is there a reason for the two styles?
>> The third bullet in this section uses both:
>> *"I need content delivered in an easy to understand language or an
>> easy-to-understand mode (like short, understandable, video clips)."*
>> *4. Design Guide*
>> In the intro paragraph, I noticed that we used the word "cognitive and
>> learning impairments" instead of "cognitive and learning disabilities,"
>> which is different from the language elsewhere. Not sure if there is a
>> specific reason for this, but it stands out.
>> On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 8:19 AM Lisa Seeman <> wrote:
>>> Hi Folks
>>> We (editors) are doing the final changes from the issues to content
>>> useable 1.0. However, it will still need to be reviewed, as sometimes when
>>> you fix one thing you brake another (and we have a dyslexic editor...).
>>> We will hopefully get any changes done over the weekend and send you a
>>> final version to approve then. However if you have time now, and want to
>>> start, it would make sense as the changes for the editors are only:  icons,
>>> w3c conformance and name consistency (were we changed the pattern name to
>>> update the tables and user need)
>>> So if you do want to start the review, just ignore these items.
>>> The edited draft is at
>>> You can send any feedback to the list. Feel free to read it as HTML or
>>> as a word doc or whatever makes reviewing easier for you.
>>> Thanks so much
>>> Lisall h

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