what next...

Hi Folks

Here is an opening suggestion for priorities for the next year or two

1. Review our methodology for research

   - For any issue paper or research proposal we should agree as a key
   decision \
   - methodology
   - scope
   - recruiting priorities
   - any template

2 Update the research model and gap analysis
I think we can handel 2-4 new topics at the same time by subgroups. we
should decided on these topics as group 1 and group 2

Update to content useable will come off this in year 2.

3 Working with other groups
Again, we may want  priority  1 and priority 2 - of course if we o a joint
research module or issue paper, that will become higher priority.

Groups , AG EO, APA, I11n Silver

4. Other projects
Getting the website version of content useable
testable statements
and other

Keep well

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