COGA content usable images, please review 2 patterns by June 17

Hello COGA task force,

We have wireframes for two patterns that need a final review before Jennie
sends them to the graphic designer that has volunteered to help.

Please do a final check on these two wireframes to make sure that you feel
that they accurately represent the pattern, and *don't do any of the*
*avoids* from the documented patterns.

   1. Wireframe for 4.2.1, Make the purpose of your page clear
    and Link to pattern 4.2.1 in Content Usable
   2. Wireframe, 4.2.3 Use a consistent visual design
    and Link to pattern 4.2.3 in Content Usable

For reference, example of how we hope to integrate these into the document

Thank you,


Received on Thursday, 10 June 2021 17:36:18 UTC