Re: merging appendix c and b

On 06/01/2021 09:44, Lisa Seeman wrote:
> Is there any objection to merging appendix c ( business consideration) 
> to appendix b (making a policy)?

I think it is a benefit to readers to have fewer Appendices and so a 
shorter less complex document. I also think whilst undoubtedly important 
topics they *are* in the Appendices and both of interest to very similar 
secondary audiences for the document.

According to another email to the list it seems the thinking is that 
this merged Appendix will be links to new pages on the wiki?

So I have no objection to them being merged.


> Another important consideration, in your company policy is  business 
> considerations.
> We could change the title to "business considerations and making a policy"

How about "Business and Policy Considerations"


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