RE: Possibilty on Joint Meeting - Coga TF and PWE CG during TPAC

Hi Roy,

Thanks for contacting us. PWE met on Tuesday, and we think it would be helpful for us to understand more about COGA and the types of use cases that must be represented in documents like the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct [1].

PWE has its regularly scheduled call on the calendar for 26 October at 1400 UTC [2], during the recommended week for TPAC joint meetings. Would this time slot work well for COGA?




Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Principal

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Thank you, Léonie.


在 2021年8月18日 +0800 PM3:00,Léonie Watson <<>>,写道:

Hello Roy,

A joint meeting would be good. PWE does not yet know if it will meet at
TPAC, we have it on our agenda for discussion next week.

We'll let you know as soon as we have some more information.


On 12/08/2021 11:04, Roy Ran wrote:

Hi Tzviya, Léonie,

The Coga Task force[1] hopes to have a joint meeting with PWA CG[2]
during TPAC this year. We hope to discuss the following topics:

* Representation of individuals with a variety of cognitive
differences and disabilities
* Inclusion of individuals with cognitive differences in meetings,
reviews, and creation
* Working with community groups with cognitive differences

Please let us know if your CG is available to discuss these issues with
us during TPAC, or if you want to communicate with us in other ways,
please suggest it, thank you.

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