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Lisa Seeman <>
4:44 PM (1 hour ago)
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Hi Folks
On the call this week I would like to start thinking about mental health

Topic 1. Scope
Is it limited to web accessibility? Do we included designs and web content
that can do harm (such as addictive)

Topic 2: groups to look at
As a starting point I suggest we pick a maximum of ten to look at , and
pick them to be as affected by accessibility and

   1. depression,(mood disorders)  anxiety, trummer, (we have
   already started work on these)
   2. social anxiety, (this may be the most dependent on the web?)
   3. One or two personality disorders, such as Borderline
   4. psychoses
   5. Others that may be affected such as Impulse control
   disorder, substance use disorder.

Topic 3 Recruting

 agree to who we need to recruit for a research module for mental health

To get the ball rolling I suggest

   1. representatives from the mental health community who have the issues
   we are trying to address.
   2. mental health  professionals
   3. members of the  mental health    research community, who focus on the
   affect on accessibility and function

I suggest the group 1 is the most important. To do that we also need to
know what topics we wish to included.

and lets set some action items here as well!

All the best

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