APA's publication plans for the RAUR

Dear All:

There's an update as of just the past hour--Friday morning Boston time

We have been advised of github filings by Gunnar Hellström, an
internationally known authority on issues impacting persons who are deaf
or hearing impaired. Gunnar advises us he finds the document "good," but
has specific clarifications he wants to suggest in certain paragraphs.

Given the specificity of Gunnar's comments, coupled with the fact that
we are receiving them before the Call for Consensus actually closes,
we will at least consider including them before actually publishing the
RAUR. Given the specificity he's providing, it's likely we can
incorporate those we accept without significantly affecting our
publication schedule. However, it could set the schedule back a few days
which, in turn.

I'm advising you of this development only to note that specific comments
are still acceptable before RAUR 1.0 is published. More extensive
comments, as noted yesterday, will be welcome for an updated version and
there will be a note to that affect in the document's SOTD and in the
publication decision announcement which I will also forward to COGA when it's



Rachael Montgomery writes:
> Hello,
> The meeting minutes from today's COGA meeting are at
> https://www.w3.org/2021/04/01-coga-minutes.html
> Thanks to Jennie and EA for scribing and to Jan for joining us to
> discuss silver engagement.
> Best regards,
> Rachael
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> Rachael Montgomery, PhD
> Director, Accessible Community
> rachael@accessiblecommunity.org
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> I will frame this night in song."
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