Re: The tiny sentences in ACAA that created COGA Usability Testing for Airline website accessibility

Rachael, Lisa, everyone, Here is a wonderful excerpt from the Air Carrier Access Act, that Glenda, so kindly, brought to our attention.

It requires user testing with cognitive disabilities but does not provide specification on how to do so. We all know WCAG does not either. This is irrefutable information, in my opinion, that necessitates the need for our Content Usable Guide. I am hoping this will help us pass David McDonald’s, and anyone else’s, objections.

From: Glenda Sims <>
Date: Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 1:08 PM
To: David Fazio <>, "Rochford, John" <>, "Delisi, Jennie (MNIT)" <>, John Foliot <>
Subject: The tiny sentences in ACAA that created Usability Testing for Airline website accessibility

Howdy David, John R, Jennie, John F,

Here is the quote from the Air Carrier Access Act (law) in the US.

(2) Your primary Web site must be tested in consultation with individuals with disabilities or members of disability organization(s) who use or want to use carrier Web sites to research or book air transportation in order to obtain their feedback on the Web site's accessibility and usability before the dates specified in paragraph (c)(1) of this section. Collectively, such individuals must be able to provide feedback on the usability of the Web site by individuals with visual, auditory, tactile, and cognitive disabilities. Consultation is required to ensure that your Web site is usable by individuals with disabilities by the date specified in paragraph (c)(1).


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