Project to unify User Interface for accessing WCAG Supplemental Guidance

WCAG is supported by various supplementary and non normative documents. 
These support people in better understanding and implementing WCAG an 
accessibility in general.

Examples include: understanding documents, techniques and cross 
references. The Cognitive Task Force's documents, including Content 
Usable (plus web Design Guide) are an integral part of this collection 
of supporting documentation.

The WCAG Quick Ref,, was created 
to make it easier to find and access specific WCAG SCs and related 
content. However, it has a few issues and does not provide access to all 
relevant content.

Now, Hidde (W3C Staff) is undertaking a project for the Accessibility 
Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) to provide a unified User 
Interface for accessing all the WCAG supplemental guidance. Right now, 
there are draft Requirements Analysis and User Flows documents to 
explore User Stories.

This project may influence our work on the web Design Guide, or our work 
may influence the project. The point is to be aware of the project and 
stay in the loop.

Comments are most welcome for these resources:

# Draft requirements analysis:

# Draft user flows:


Received on Thursday, 30 April 2020 15:42:55 UTC