Comments for the EU commission work program

Hi Folks

There is an opportunity for us to comment on what the EU commissions work program from 2021 - and what we think is needed.

If they take up our suggestions, the funding is unlikely to go to us, per say, but it means someone would be funded to do the work suggested. So it seems worth it to draft some comments that will help us move our work forward. 


For example

if someone built opensource testing tools for our design guide, and a test suite - that would hugely help in getting new coga success criteria into WCAG.

if someone built a video library of coga use cases and design support, that address the key objectives and our gap analysis issues

More support for personlization authoring tools that would enable more content to be accessible for coga

There is also a health care overlap, such as protocols and support for treating coga user groups in the healthcare services.

What else do you think would help?

All the best

Lisa Seeman,

Received on Tuesday, 3 September 2019 18:15:19 UTC