RE: Cancel vs close and our Patterns

I totally agree with you Steve and with so many modal windows that require filling in details the X in the top corner versus the cancel or close button can also be confusing - do they do the same thing? 

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This NNG article covers a topic that i've personally been bitten by and I would expect can be an issue for people with cognitive and learning disabilities.;;sdata=tSo8eVG76WZa6hOAag1qpzmWbljWh8ixOrh8LgDnbs4%3D&amp;reserved=0

The main reason I'm sharing this is that I think the issues discussed in the article are well covered by our Design Guide Patterns.

Do others agree - or are there gaps we can address?

PS I think this is also a nice example of the so called 'curb-cut' 
effect where what's good for people with disabilities is good for everyone!


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