Please review the WCAG 2.2 Success Criteria Acceptance Requirements

For those not in today's Coga TF meeting, here a summary of what's 
happening with the WCAG Success Criteria  Acceptance Requirements and 
what have been asked to do.

The AG group have just agreed to start working towards WCGA 2.2. This 
will replace the current WCAG 2.1 when it is finished.

The CogA Taskforce want to add new Success Criteria to WCAG 2.2 to 
improve the accessibility standard support of people with cognitive and 
learning disabilities.

Success Criteria must be very carefully designed and written before they 
are to be accepted into WCAG 2.2. The rules for this are described in 
the Acceptance Requirements.

The AG group have made some changes to these Acceptance Requirements for 
WCAG 2.2. The changes are designed to make them easier to understand and 
to better support the addition of new CogA Success Criteria.

We are being asked to review these new Acceptance Requirements and tell 
the AG chairs what we think. To do this, You can send an email to the 
following, including the CogA email List,,,

The new Acceptance Requirements:

The the changes (let me know if they are hard for you to read):


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