Re: Consolidated Persona Review

That great Rachael, I can now use this when I got throug the 'complete 
user stories' which will make things easier.


On 19/12/2019 19:48, Rachael Bradley Montgomery wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you for all the effort to get the personas and challenges aligned 
> with the user stories! I have consolidated all the persona work everyone 
> has done into a single place. I also made some edits for consistency and 
> to simplify some content.
> If you have time to review the results, they are at Persona Review 19 
> December 19 
> <>  
> This document is comment only. The other previous documents we've been 
> working on have also been made comment only and now reference this 
> newest version.  This version is also synched with a git copy. We will 
> resolve comments and update the git version as we go.
> Again, thank you for all your work on this.
> Best regards,
> Rachael
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