Table mapping user needs to our patterns and persona


I was asked to make a table mapping user needs to our patterns and our persona.

see google docs

I got stuck at the the second objective were the user needs in the design guided were not actual user needs. (see SO I went back to the gap analysis to see what had originally. The user needs were there, but also the tables map to the proposals to wcag 2.1 which in turn became our patterns. (see  The result is this seems redundant beyond mapping in persona or updating the links.

The links will need to be updated anyway when we  change the names and get rid of redundancies, so that seems like a waist of time. Maybe we just want to add a column to the gap analysis tables mapping in the persona? We can update the links at a later time, when they are more stable. 

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Lisa Seeman,

Received on Tuesday, 20 August 2019 13:20:06 UTC