sorry - I sent this email to early....The Cognitive Accessibility Task Force Teleconference -Thursday 15th August 2019

Sorry folks, I pressed send by accident before I was finished.


For tomorrows call lets spend a bit longer on the action items that are pending, and cleanup, or help them move forward.

This includes the Glossary and WCAG, persona and also works in progress for the issue papers.

The issue papers include:

  *   Mental health issue paper    and (Works in progress are also at

  *   the bots issue papers and conversational interfaces ( also see the voiceml issue paper at

  *   the wayfinding issue paper GPS (draft at )

If at all possible please review the drafts before the call

We will also hopefully have some thoughts on persona from Jannina to discuss.

The  teleconference information is at : 


10 am Eastern Time

5 pm  IST

3 pm UK Time

IRC access 

An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel will be available during the call. (The server is ,The port number is 6665 ) 

IRC made simple: 

IRC is like our chat room. You can join us on IRC simply by clicking on

The channel is #coga

You can write any name as a nickname

Now you can chat while we talk.


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