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Hi Lisa (and All),

We should provide a brief (one page?) overview that is easily scannable. We can include links to our information-dense docs if they want to know more. I think significantly more people will learn what we are doing if the info we send them is much simpler to absorb than our giant tables. I also think we will deter people with the outreach email’s warning of “… a long document and we know it can be hard to find your way around it.”

I do see you provided “… sections of interest …,” with brief info in each and links to our information-dense docs. However, candidly, I think the idea I described above is better.


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Hi Folks

I wrote a short draft email for telling people about  the gap analysis


Do we like it? Feel free to make changes in the google doc.

Also under the draft I have a table of people we should contact. please add any organisations you would like to reach out to.

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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