Re: SC 1.3.4 - Understanding doc update

Hi John,

Sure, I’m not trying to pre-determine the name, just get a draft together that actually represents the new SC text.

Happy to change the name when we’ve decided it.



From: John Foliot

Hi Alastair,

Much better, thanks.

One remaining sticking point... you indicate a change in SC name to "Autocomplete", which I wouldn't completely oppose, but the WG has yet to discuss or consent to that change (nor this Draft Text). There *are* other proposals for a change of name, some of which I have previously offered on-list:
·  ​Common Inputs
·  Automated Inputs
·  Metadata on Inputs  (<< This introduces the concept of metadata, which may be a positive reinforcement)
Perhaps we could ask the Chairs (all 3 - congrats BTW) to add this to the agenda for today's call? One larger question remains: *CAN* we make an editorial change of this significance at this stage of the CR process? I believe so, but we need to dot the "I"s and cross the "T"s...


Received on Tuesday, 27 February 2018 15:52:19 UTC