Mockup pages for web designers in WAI web site

Here are the details of the pages I just demonstrated during the latest 
Task Force call.


I'd like to suggest a set of new Coga web pages. This will make it 
easier for web designers and others to find out about the needs of 
people with cognitive and learning disabilities. Designers can also find 
the techniques they can use and there is a summery of our Research 

There are a lot of coga documents and they are large and complicated. We 
want to make them easier to use. We also talked about making the Design 
Guide collapsible to make it easier to use. My suggestion is to provide 
some new pages for the web designers and developers.

The new documents will be part of the W3C WAI website. They will then be 
easier to find and read. It will also be easier to make changes to them 
without the W3C process.

The new pages will still belong to the Cognitive task force. The Web 
Site and Education & Outreach teams can help us if we want them to.

Here are 4 mock up pages. A Mock Up shows what the page could look like. 
The text is only an example and the task force would decide how the 
final content.

*    Introducing Cognitive and Learning Disabilities – This page 
introduces how people with cognitive and learning disabilities 
experience the web and what information the W3C WAI has to help.

*    Supporting Cognitive Needs in Web Development – Explains how the 
ways to think about supporting people with Cognitive disabilities when 
creating a website. This is like our Coga Usable document.

*    Design Techniques for Cognitive Accessibility – Provides detailed 
techniques to use when designing and developing web pages. This is our 
Design Guide with collapsible sections.

*    Research and Analysis – Introduces the Analysis and Research 
documents we created - Gap Analysis, Issue Papers and User Research.


Received on Thursday, 20 December 2018 17:24:00 UTC