Re: please check this SC before we submit it to wcag survey

That is a good point we were relying on sufficient techniques but WCAG decided we can not do that. - we need to go back to the techniques now and build them back in to the orriginal wording 

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again  a great idea — and  Great advice.

But it cannot be  an SC  because it is not testable.

Content is provided that helps users understand complex information, long documents, numerical information, relative and cardinal directions, forms and non-standard controls.

 What kind of content?
How much?
If I provide any content at all how am I to know where the line is between complex and noncomplex information. And if I do provide something that is complex, what does providing content to help understand it mean? If I provide a link at the top of the page it says, here is a book on the topic, is that providing content to help understand the information?
You have cardinal directions listed. If a person doesn’t understand directions what is sufficient for me to put on my page to explain them?

In short, is an author and no idea one I have crossed any of these lines, and I absolutely no idea what sufficient to meet the success criteria from the language in the success criteria.

Great idea, but doesn’t qualify as a success criterion. Any criterion has to  be very specific  and measurable  with a statement as to exactly when something passes


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Hi Folks

We are reworking the wording on provide support

Can everyone check if they are happy with the user need has been well addressed?

Know issues: 
1, we need to give research for the definitions on long document
2, we may get rid of multi page forms or find better techniques/ definition  and 
3,  non- standard controls-  this term may need to change or be better defined  

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