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    The other relevant reference here to digital publishing material is the ARIA module at
 but I wouldn’t expect much, if any, overlap with the current WCAG proposal, as the DPUB work isn’t concerned with interactive components.
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 Hi Katie,
 Similar to James’ point about HTML5, we should definitely have a task to compare that & refine the definition with that in mind.
 From a quick search, is this the spec you mean? 
 There doesn’t look to be a huge amount of overlap (there aren’t many ‘controls’ in ePub in general) but a careful look at the TOC & epub:type looks to be a good starting point.
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 I think it is important to point out here that ePUB also has a fixed Accessibility taxonomy…..
 …another reason we need to be sure to be working also with the new W3C ePub/dPub community in general and the dPub Accessibility Task Force specifically. 
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