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RE: new wording for Undo

From: lisa.seeman <lisa.seeman@zoho.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 17:52:48 +0300
To: Alastair Campbell <acampbell@nomensa.com>
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Hi I sent this to Alaster but did not forward it to everyone. 

The intent is that when you touch something by mistake and your context is lost:

-you can get back
-you do not now have to start again

This included senaros like you pocked up your tablet or touched the wrong thing. It does not ha e to be during a process. 

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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---- On Mon, 17 Jul 2017 12:09:31 +0300 Alastair Campbell&lt;acampbell@nomensa.com&gt; wrote ---- 

    Hi Lisa,
 Could you clarify the intent?
 Is the intent that people should be able to:
  Go back steps in a process and (only when going back) make changes to the data.
Go back steps in a process and (regardless of whether they were going back) make changes to data?
 If it is 1, I think we can simplify, if it is 2 then I think we need to split the needs (even in the same SC) as the exceptions don’t make sense for 2.
    From: lisa.seeman [mailto:lisa.seeman@zoho.com] 
 Sent: 16 July 2017 17:50
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 Subject: new wording for Undo
  I am trying to draft new wording for undo based on Alastair's suggestion from the call, and incorporating Alex's comments 
  Can you let me know what you think and if there are further problems?
  New wording:
 UNDO: Users can undo actions, return to the previous context and correct data entry without loss of non-dependent data except when:
    allowing the user to undo an action or maintaining data may cause harm such as adding risk to the user privacy or security;
 the user has confirmed an action;
 allowing the user to undo an action may interfere with the essential function of the content;
 the action can no longer be controlled by the site;
 the user has been idle for 24 hours. 
  All the best
 Lisa Seeman
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