RE: personlization and definition of "contextual"

Hi everyone,

Specifically on the contextual information definition John talked about, I made this suggestion on github [1]:

The ‘contextual information’ definition currently reads as a list of things COGA would like to cover, rather than a general definition of contextual information.

The concept (I think) is for a shared metadata vocabulary that provides consistency across websites.

The more I think about it, the less I think it is actually "contextual", which implies it is about the context the item is within.

It isn't about the local context, it is about cross-site conventions.

I'm really struggling to think of a good term for that, but re-visiting my last suggestion for the SC, perhaps it could be something like:

“Personalisation: For navigation, form elements and interactive controls _conventional_elements_ can be programmatically determined.”

Then define "conventional elements" as those which are included in a publicly available taxonomy for this purpose, of which coga-personalisation is one.

That would mean it doesn’t have to be ‘common’ items, they need to be ones covered by a share taxonomy.




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