support personlization - John concerns with programmatically determined loophole

John had concerns with the words programmatically determined which he feels leave a huge loop hole that people could add some ambiguous text in the title tag. 

I would like to go with Gregg we change the wording from programmatically determined to programmatically available using deffinition from UAAG 2.0
Information that is encoded in a way that allows different software, including assistive technologies, to extract and use the information relying on published, supported mechanisms, such as, platform accessibility services, APIs, or the document object models (DOM). For web-based user interfaces, this means ensuring that the user agent can pass on the information (e.g. through the use of WAI-ARIA). Something is programmatically available if the entity presenting the information does so in a way that is explicit and unambiguous, in a way that can be understood without reverse-engineering or complex (and thus potentially fallible) heuristics, and only relying on methods that are published, and officially supported by the developers of the software being evaluated.

I think that will address these concerns. Let me know if there is any objection. 

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Lisa Seeman

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Received on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 19:07:19 UTC