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I feel the same. I feel like my SC are not moving forward well. I have a
lot of criticism of the SC without much constructive criticism or
indications of suggestions to imporove.
I am trying to move the conversation away from pure criticism but it has
been difficult. I also am finding that many times we are restating
supporting comments that have already been stated earlier in the issue

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> I added the link to the w3c specification,  that is  the first Accessible
> authentication technique. It is in the  comments of the issue.
> my 2 cents if these  COGA SC (Such as Accessible authentication) do not go
> in,  then WCAG 2.1 will be a joke, because we will know, when we publish,
> that conformant content will not include or be useable by people with
> cognitive disabilities. It will not be inclusive content.
> A basic question we need to ask is if we need wcag to enable content to be
> accessible to people with any cognitive disabilities, and is that an
> important thing.
> If we do, we need to find ways to include this stuff, we need to change
> the focus from saying no to finding solutions to make this work and include
> them.
> If we don't we are wasting our time. we may meet our deadlines but we will
> achieve little else .  Please do not suggest moving things to AAA. It is
> insulting to the user groups excluded.
> All the best
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