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Re: idea for issue papers to contain all the recommendations

From: lisa.seeman <lisa.seeman@zoho.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 16:36:12 +0300
To: Andy Heath <andyheath@axelafa.com>
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let us add that to a=the agenda for the call next week.

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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Any thoughts about timescales/schedules for these ? 
On 10/08/2017 17:44, lisa.seeman wrote: 
&gt; Hi Folks 
&gt; On call today we did not have a quorum but we did have a good chat. We 
&gt; did not want our content that we submitted for WCAG to be lost, that 
&gt; would be a shame. 
&gt; There will be a supplement but there is no guaranty that everything we 
&gt; want will be in it or that we would like the format. So we thought of 
&gt; making a seriesof issue papers that deal with the different main ideas 
&gt; and would contain all the recommendations in a clear format and when 
&gt; taken together we are proving the full picture. 
&gt; examples of this issue papers series could be 
&gt; 1. *Help as many users as possible understand * 
&gt; 2. *Helping the use know how to use content*. 
&gt; 3. *Prevent the user from making mistakes and make it easy to correct 
&gt; mistakes when they do occur.* 
&gt; 4. *Help the user focus and restore context if attention is lost*. 
&gt; Items like breadcrumbs can help orientate the user and help the user 
&gt; restore the context when it is lost. (Making breadcrumbs clickable 
&gt; can also help the user undo mistakes.) 
&gt; 5. *Minimize the cognitive skills required to use the content* and 
&gt; avoid barriers that stop people with cognitive disabilities from 
&gt; using content, such as hard to use security mechanisms. When 
&gt; possible, provide more accessible options. 
&gt; 6. *Examples of building supporting applications,* such as navigation , 
&gt; bots, GO fencing, 
&gt; 7. *Building a process* that is inclusive for people with 
&gt; cognitive disabilities 
&gt; 8. U*ser testing* for cognitive disabilities 
&gt; 9. *User agents support for cognitive disabilities* 
&gt; I think this would also give a lot of support for silver and content can 
&gt; be reused for a supplement. 
&gt; What do you think? Should other issue papers be added? 
&gt; All the best 
&gt; Lisa Seeman 
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