idea for issue papers to contain all the recommendations

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On call today we did not have a quorum but we did have a good chat. We did not want our content that we submitted for WCAG to be lost, that would be a shame. 
There will be a supplement but there is no guaranty that everything we want will be in it or that we would like the format. So we thought of making a series  of issue papers that deal with the different main ideas and would contain all the recommendations in a clear format and when taken together we are proving the full picture. 

 examples of this issue papers series  could be

 Help as many users as possible understand  
Helping the use  know how to use content.   
 Prevent the user from making mistakes and make it easy to correct mistakes when they do occur.  
 Help the user focus and restore context if attention is lost. Items like breadcrumbs can help orientate the user and help the user restore the context when it is lost. (Making breadcrumbs clickable can also help the user undo mistakes.) 
 Minimize the cognitive skills required to use the content and avoid barriers that stop people with cognitive disabilities from using content, such as hard to use security mechanisms. When possible, provide more accessible options.
Examples of building supporting applications, such as navigation , bots, GO fencing,
Building a process that is inclusive for people with cognitive disabilities 
User testing for cognitive disabilities
User agents support for cognitive disabilities

I think this would also give a lot of support for silver and content can be reused for a supplement.

What do you think? Should other issue papers be added?

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Received on Thursday, 10 August 2017 16:44:43 UTC