Re: Reminder - draft of all SC are due yesterday!!

Hi Kurt

I have interested the changes. I made a slight change to the wording (we have been asked to keep it short), and changed/ added the terms glossary as discussed  the call.

Please check you are Ok with the changes and we can send it to the list for approval.

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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Hi Lisa,

Friendly reminder - the rapid-and-direct-feedback9-27-16.html file was emailed to you on 9/27. All changes we discussed are incorporated in this version, I believe it is now done. 

Best regards,

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Thanks Thad

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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Hi Lisa,
 I have competed 2 and turned in the initial draft on a third yesterday. My goal is to get everything else (2 more) EOD this evening. To give some context I am on US time. Apologies for being late I fell  behind last week.
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Hi Folks

We agreed that the timeline for first drafts for all SC was yesterday. 

If they are unlikely to be done today can you please send a date when they will be submitted. If not I will assume I need to reassign your SC.

I will be on skype most of the day (my handler is lisaseeman). Feel free to ping me if you need a hand.

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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Hi FolkPlease send a +1 if you agree to this process

I would like to proposes the following time line.

A draft of each SC should be uploaded by the 4th October. The drafts do not need to be perfect, and you can put any known issues in the working groups notes at the bottom (such as mike did not like the conforment options, or you have no idea what conformance level to use). If you did not submit a draft by then we might reallocate your SC. 

I can volunteer to spend the next week reviewing them and sorting out any generic issues and specific issues. 
If people do not mind I can also edit them a bit such as  adding examples.  (Let me know if you mind if I  edit your SC.)

The week of the 18th  of October people can do edits that address any generic issues that were raised. Please clear some time that week.

I can take another round of reviews the next week and then... 
We can address any individual issues, SC that are not done etc in November

Does that sound OK?

We have to make all our submissions to WCAG by December 1st.

All the best

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