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I'd support that...

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On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 11:56 AM, Patrick H. Lauke < <> > wrote:

On 12/07/2016 16:42, John Foliot wrote:

And, I might point out that auto-playing of audio is extremely

distracting an disorienting for persons with cognitive and emotional
disabilities – especially when the mechanism to turn off autoplay is not
extremely clear…..

Can the video part of an auto-playing video also be distracting? I guess 2.2.2 Pause, Stop, Hide covers this part to an extent, though I think that doesn't actually explicitly talk about video per se.

Agreed, although thinking about this, maybe the answer is not "no
auto-play" but rather, "no auto-volume" (without user input). We have
great precedence here for that already, as this is what Facebook does
with embedded videos today, and I've seen examples of video ads inserted
on pages with the same functionality: the video is "playing" but the
audio is muted until the end user adjusts the volume. (One of the other
awesome things I'm noting is that, because of this default behavior
in FaceBook, more videos are including captions, often artistically as
part of the video, to further entice users to turn the audio up. Yay!)

So... is this a one-stop issue? Are we looking for a mechanism to
silence the audio quickly (and should we be contemplating a new SC for
that?), or is the ability to actually stop the motion of the video
quickly (i.e. it's more than just the audio conflict introduced by
auto-start?) the same requirement, or a different one?

Would it make sense to add some form of "the mechanism to (turn off audio / pause,stop,hide moving/blinking/scrolling content including video) must be easily discoverable/reachable" to the existing 1.4.2 (for audio) and 2.2.2 (for video) (both at Level A) and then make one or more new SC(s) that cover having a mechanism to prevent autoplaying audio or animated/moving/video content altogether, at level AA ?

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