RE: 1.4.2 audio control, do we want to require the stop mechanism to be more discoverable?

And, I might point out that auto-playing of audio is extremely distracting an disorienting for persons with cognitive and emotional disabilities – especially when the mechanism to turn off autoplay is not extremely clear…..






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It seems to me that Mute, though helpful, isn't the same thing as preventing autoplay. There are times when I may want to postpone, rather than mute, audio or video. Could an easy-to-discover method be added to Techniques? We already cover user control over media in WCAG 2.0. 


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Yup, works in FF on MAC and Windows. 

Any way to do this with a keyboard in Chrome, Safari and other browsers? If so, perhaps EO can help find a way to get the word out to other users ... I don't think many know about it, and plenty of users are dogged with autoplay messing up their screen readers.

It seems to me, given that CTL+M does it, that no site can fail 1.4.2 because a mechanism is available in at least one accessibility supported stack.

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perhaps it is sufficient... I've never heard of an end user doing that, and I've heard plenty of complaints about auto play....


Maybe we should ask some people who are blind... not sure how discoverable 

​by keyboard it is

I don't see a shortcut

I see the letter "M" in MUTE is underlined in Windows, but ALT-M didn't do it... ​don't see any hints on a mac.

It's super easy with mouse :(

[Jason] Ctrl-m did it for me under Mozilla Firefox. It worked as documented. Thank you for the reference.




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